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Both of these manuals are available to MJ Nutrition members as online downloads, but you if you would like them to be printed, bound & posted to your home address then please let me know, this can be arranged.

The Complete Guide to Successful Dieting!

Dieting is hard. Naturally the deprivation required to lose body fat is stressful, although you can manage that stress and make the process far easier and more comfortable with a greater understanding of how it all works. Within this manual I provide comprehensive details on how fat loss works and how to successfully, and efficiently manipulate body composition through nutrition.

As there are so many contradictory and confusing messages spouted within the field of diet and nutrition I have also bust some myths along the way.

How To Guide: Tracking Accurately & Effectively

This manual will walk you, step-by-step, through the process of tracking your nutritional intake accurately & effectively using the My Fitness Pal application.

Essentially this allows you to modify your diet & include your favourite foods, I will continue to control & manipulate your targets, it’s up to you to hit them.

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Each month, MJ Nutrition EVOLVE members will be invited to attend a Coaching Webinar. During the webinar we will cover all topics within diet & nutrition, to ensure that you understand how everything works.

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Coaching Call #1: The Energy Balance

In this, the first MJ Nutrition EVOLVE Programme Coaching Call we discussed:

– The energy balance
– How the energy balance is controlled
– How to control the energy balance
– How the energy balance controls your body weight



Coaching Call #2: Manipulating Body Composition

In this, the second MJ Nutrition EVOLVE Programme Coaching Call we discussed:

– How to manipulate body composition using the energy balance
– Key steps to increasing muscle mass & minimising fat gain
– Key steps to reducing fat mass & minimising muscle loss
– How to deal with social occasions & eating out
– An introduction to the new, exciting, possibly confusing energy availability concept



Coaching Call #3: The Power of Protein

Science Alert! Please take a seat because this coaching call contains some hardcore science.

In this, the third MJ Nutrition EVOLVE Programme Coaching Call we discussed:

– Everyone’s favourite macronutrient: protein
– The role & function of protein
– Protein synthesis
– Protein & increases in muscle mass
– Protein when dieting
– Protein feeding frequency
– Some protein myths (the anabolic window & BCAA’s etc.)



Bonus Coaching Call!

In this Bonus Coaching Call on the MJ Nutrition EVOLVE Programme we discussed:

– MyFitnessPal: tips & tricks to make life easier
– Buffer foods: carbohydrate, protein, fat & fibre
– Tactics to stay on track on social occasions
– Progressing without being the “social retard”



Coaching Call #4: Carbohydrate!

In this, the fourth MJ Nutrition EVOLVE Programme Coaching Call we discussed:

– Everyone’s feared macronutrient: carbohydrate
– The role & function of carbohydrate
– Carbohydrate metabolism & it influences mood & actions
– Carbohydrate & performance
– Carbohydrate recommendations
– Carbohydrate sources
– The glycemic index



Coaching Call #5: Dietary Fat!

In this, the fifth MJ Nutrition EVOLVE Programme Coaching Call we discussed:

– Dietary fat
– The role & function of dietary fat
– Issues with dietary fat in relation to body weight & composition
– Dietary fat recommendations
– Recommended sources of dietary fat
– Common fat myths & misconceptions


Coaching Call #6: Micronutrients, fibre & water

In this, the sixth MJ Nutrition EVOLVE Programme Coaching Call we discussed:

– Dietary micronutrients, fibre & water
– Their role & function within the body in relation to health & body composition
– A specific hydration strategy to ensure optimal performance & health
– What is a “nutrient dense” diet & why is it beneficial
– Recommended foods to include in a “nutrient dense” diet.