Creating a healthy diet is really not that difficult. Most people know that eating lots of fruit and vegetables, and controlling portion sizes is important. But knowing what to cook for you and your family can be challenging, and this leads to mistakes, inconsistencies and bad eating habits.

Here is your solution:

From £10.99 per month you can get access to 30 delicious healthy recipes and 5 commercial eating guides – direct to your inbox, every month.

This subscription service offers you the practical information required to create a wide variety of delicious, healthy meals, snacks and desserts to nourish you, no matter what your goal may be.

This service is for:

  • Every day individuals looking to improve their general health, performance and body composition.
  • Professional athletes looking to take their nutrition to the next level.
  • Performance chefs looking for inspiration and meal ideas to serve their clients.
  • Practitioners (nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches etc.) wishing to implement new recipes with clientele.

Here’s how the subscription service works. Every month you’ll receive:

1 x Healthy Recipe Book

Containing 30 easy-to-make and nutritionally balanced meals – including breakfasts, main meals, deserts and snacks – each designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. They are all quick and easy to prepare, and are made from ingredients that are readily available in most supermarkets.

Each recipe comes with calorie and macronutrient information and a handy MyFitnessPal barcode to assist with your tracking. What’s more, to help you implement these recipes around your daily and/or exercise schedule, each recipe will be labelled as either a FUEL, BUILD or BOOST meal so you know exactly when and where to incorporate the meal into your plan for maximum benefit.

Not only will you receive this recipe book, but you will also get access to:

5 x Commercial Eating Guides

They will provide you with a nutritional breakdown of your favourite restaurants so you can stay on track and make the right choices even while you are away from home. Allowing you to enjoy social eating experiences again, without the fear of failure.

Here’s how the subscription service works. Every month you’ll receive:

Pricing (excluding VAT):

· £10.99 / month subscription

For just £10.99 each month you get all of this!


Why not upgrade to the premium pack, which includes all of the above, plus:

  • Nutritional analysis to provide bespoke feedback on your current diet.
  • A bespoke meal plan designed specifically for you and your goal.
  • · Supplement discount code.
  • · Option for online consultation

Subscribe to the premium pack below and complete the diet diary to start your bespoke nutrition programme today.

£19.99 / month subscription

For just £19.99 each month you get all of this!