Hi, my name is Matt Jones BSc MSc. As a fully qualified nutrition consultant I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the worlds leading athletes, I also frequently speak, present and lecture internationally at industry related conferences, and in the leading UK Universities.

I deliver a variety of nutrition consultancy services to a number of clients ranging from elite, world-class professional athletes to private clients across the globe through online coaching. With coverage in industry renowned magazines Functional Sports Nutrition, Sport Nutrition Insider magazine, Rugby World and Alan Aragon’s Research Review.

“My personal goal is to assist and enhance every clients health, body composition and performance through the implementation of targeted, hype and bias free, evidence-based nutritional strategies.”

The interest in nutrition began at the age of 18 when I was your typical sporting teenager playing both rugby and football to a relatively high standard. A series of serious knee injuries between the ages of 18 and 19 put paid to any aspirations of a career in professional sport massive blow to my confidence.

While I was injured I began researching methods of rehabilitating myself through nutrition. Undergoing rigorous rehabilitation with physiotherapists and strength conditioners, nutrition was never addressed. I took it upon myself to begin exploring the field to develop a basic understanding.

Finding an industry littered with contradiction, extremely confusing, misleading information being touted frequently by apparent ‘experts’, and marketing, marketing everywhere. I presume like most people, I had tried most things, based on the latest trend, media coverage and fad diet.

This drove my interest and passion for nutrition. I wanted answers. I wanted fact. I wanted honest, scientifically supported answers. Instead of pursuing a career in sport, my injury set me on a course to revolutionise and improve the nutrition industry. I now want to deliver the truth about what makes for a healthy and successful diet, as I understand the troubles people have in trying to find the answers themselves.

Undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, internships with the Welsh Rugby Union and Liverpool Football Club, and many hours speaking with, and shadowing the industry leaders ultimately empowered me with the knowledge and confidence to found MJ Nutrition in 2012.

Through MJ Nutrition I aim to demystify the theories that have been plaguing the minds of the masses for too long. I will help uncover the truth behind what is a healthy diet, and coach and educate you to allow you to maintain dieting success, always and forever. I reveal the most effective, efficient and easiest ways to regain health and vitality and allow you to develop a scientifically sound, evidence-based lifestyle that will allow for optimal health, peak performance, a body to be proud of, and most importantly lifelong wellness.

I hope you enjoy my site, and please feel free to contact me for a free consultation or download your free copy of ‘The 7 Biggest Nutrition Myths & Misconceptions’ on the home page.